Ditch the Lipstick, Try Lip Blushing May 20, 2022

Lip blushing is the new permanent lipstick. It’s similar to permanent makeup like microblading and tattooed eyeliner. It allows you to have consistently beautiful, kissable, flushed-looking lips without having to reapply any lipstick, balm, or gloss. While lipstick prices soar, and you constantly need to re-up, lip blushing or lip tinting is a one-time fee that lasts for years. Save time and expect natural results with this easy procedure.   Keep scrolling through to find...

Does Emsculpt Neo really work? YES, it totally does! May 13, 2022

This blog post is for all those with pesky, stubborn fat that never leaves. No matter how many times we exercise and diet, or how hard we go at the gym, the results aren’t there. Or perhaps we don’t have time to exercise. That’s okay. We’re allowed to want our bodies a certain way despite our busy schedules. Although we love and cherish our bodies for all they do for us, sometimes their appearance doesn’t...

8 Ways To Reduce Under Eye Bags May 6, 2022

Getting rid of pesky under-eye bags can become a problem starting as young as age 25. It's then that collagen and elastin production decreases, decreasing your skin’s tightness and elasticity. Because there are so many muscles, tendons, and ligaments under your skin, skin texture and appearance are at greater risk of losing vitality. Instead of tackling topical products, we’ll look at a more comprehensive holistic approach so that you can live your best life. Here...

Why Facials and a Skincare Routine is Important? April 29, 2022

Calling all skincare junkies: Are you looking for something new to boost your boring skincare routine? If so, keep reading, ‘cause today we’re diving into all things skincare and the ultimate beauty treatment–hydrafacials. I don’t know about you, but skincare is something the staff at Biologi Spa take pride in.   Sometimes our days are so busy that we forget to make time for ourselves. Having a good skincare routine can aid in self-care and...

I’m scared of laser hair removal but I’m sick of ingrowns. Help! April 22, 2022

Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of ingrown hairs with minimal cost and effort. Known for its superior technology, zero downtime, and affordability, it’s a great option for people tired of dealing with inflamed hair follicles and unpleasant ingrowns. We’ve been there when there’s that pesky hair after shaving that just won’t go away and swells up to the size of a penny. No more worrying about wearing a bikini or...

Why You Should Receive a Body Sculpting Treatment? March 24, 2022

Biologi Spa’s aestheticians are multidimensional beauty enhancement specialists. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest technology in the industry to offer limitless treatments for our clients.   We are firm believers that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and as much as we’d love everyone to believe that for themselves, we are here to make sure you believe it after a treatment with us. One of the biggest factors that determine...

The Difference Between Microblading and Microshading Explained March 21, 2022

Eyebrows draw attention to our eyes—the windows to our face. It’s no wonder why eyebrows are so big in the makeup industry and beauty industry, they are attention grabbers and help us feel confident whether we have makeup on or not. Eyebrows help frame our face and there are so many ways to wear them: fluffy, thin, thick, drawn, or tattooed. Have you ever looked at someone and instantly fell in love with their eyebrows?...

5 Benefits of Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Treatments March 15, 2022

One minute you’re 27 and sipping a margarita on the beach. The next minute you’re 47 and debating whether you should book that beach vacation. If you’re embarrassed of your wrinkles that have appeared over the years, Biologi Spa is here to remind you that aging is natural and a part of life! You don’t have to live in fear. We’re here to enhance your already beautiful face, darling.   Biologi Spa aestheticians are industry...


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