Alma Hybrid™
co2 laser

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what is

Alma hybrid represents groundbreaking skin rejuvenation and scar treatment solutions. It is a unique method for treating aesthetic skin concerns that unite the powers of three energies. It provides exceptional results and significantly reduces downtime. It is so much more than a traditional fractional laser because it offers supreme control to completely customize each treatment. It is an ultimate resurfacing treatment because it combines ablative CO2 laser and non-ablative 1570nm laser - two energies that complement each other to the fullest.

The treatments are FDA-approved which makes them safe for all skin types even the dark ones.

what is

The beauty and effectiveness of Alma Hybrid treatments lie in the combination of different energies, that revolutionize theskin resurfacing procedures with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort.


The CO2 laser uses an absolutely precise fractional laser energy to combine coagulative, thermal and ablative effects.


1570nm laser is a potent non-ablative laser that triggers the regeneration of the dermis with its thermal effect. Even though it is so powerful it leaves the epidermis unharmed.


IMPACT is a uniquely patented Ultrasound technology that is used for Trans Epidermal Delivery. It effectively delivers the essential skin products through the micro-passages that were made by theCO2 laser with its acoustic pressure.

The thing that unites the two powerful energies is HyGrid, a feature first of its kind that enables full customization of the treatment. It is safe and precise and makes sure that both lasers are used to the proper extent. It customizes the ratio of ablation and non-ablation and provides a proper and precise matrix proportion. This ensures a balance between the downtime and the results of all patients and their individual aesthetic and medical skin concerns. This fact is what makes Alma Hybrid treatment ahead of its game. The treatment is suitable for dark skin types also because it can achieve a lower ablation density and minimize downtime.


This state-of-the-art skin treatment method puts together 3 most important elements:

Ablation for optimal resurfacing

The stimulation of new collagen and rejuvenation of the dermis with perfect thermal effect on the deeper layers of the skin.

Effective delivery of essential skin products


This treatment is highly effective in addressing different types of scars - acne, surgical or trauma scars. The laser beams penetrate deep into the dermis layer, but with properly adjusted parameters which include the depth of penetration, the width of coagulation and density. The combination of 1570nm and CO2 wavelengths actually offers the customization of parameters - every treatment is customized to address the patient’s specific scarring concerns. The treatment is completed with IMPACT which provides the ideal infusion of skin essential products and boosts the treatment results.

The results are dramatic, and the patient can achieve noticeable improvements in just 5 treatment sessions.


This treatment combines ablative and thermal methods with the delivery of skin essential products into the skin. The power of two lasers - CO2 and 1570nm, renews the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and eliminates solar pigmentation while the IMPACTTM ultrasound infuses the skin with the essential products.

This is truly an over-the-weekend treatment that achieves smoother and younger-looking skin in just two treatment sessions.


This is virtually a lunch break treatment. It rejuvenates and refines skin tone, reduces the visibility of moderate wrinkles and fine lines and improves various skin lesions and acne scars. It requires no downtime so the patients can continue with their normal daily routine. It is safe for all skin types even the dark ones. The power of a non-ablative 1570nmlaser lies in triggering neocollagenesis and regenerating the dermis, while the epidermis stays unharmed. The treatment results include improved skin texture and tone and younger-looking skin.

It is safe and comfortable, minimally invasive and the patients need only 1 to 2 treatment sessions to achieve the best outcomes.


The greatest benefit is that this treatment combines three powerful energies and achieves supreme results with minimal downtime. This unique and advanced treatment has various options and goes even further than traditional fractional laser treatment. Every patient can get a fully customized treatment plan because every aspect of the treatment can be adjusted and pre-determined. Alma Hybrid treatments represent an innovative approach in scar treatments and skin rejuvenation and are definitely the latest trend in aesthetic dermatology.

Alma Hybrid treatments achieve nothing but natural-looking and yet absolutely dramatic results.

They offer a true transformation in the patient’s skin and make the patient feel and look better and more confident.

The future of skin treatments is here with Alma Hybrid.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The treatment is utterly comfortable because the patient receives the numbing cream on the targeted area. The patient does feel a mild heating sensation, but the procedure is completely safe.

are there any side effects or downtime?

The patient might experience dryness, redness and peeling after the procedure. The treatment downtime can be customized to suit the patient comfort level, and therefore it is quite minimal.

what kind of results can i expect?

The results are brilliant. In just 3 or 4 treatment sessions, the patient can achieve a significantly improved skin texture and a younger-looking skin tone. Fine lines and wrinkles are noticeably reduced and the patient’s skin is smoother and more glowing.


Alma Hybrid treatments can address various skin concerns including: Wrinkles and fine lines, acne and other scars, uneven skin tone and texture, Hyperpigmentation.


Alma Hybrid™
co2 laser

Eliminating one imperfection at a time,
the Alma Hybrid CO2 Laser is your go-to for all things beauty.



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