Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

June 3, 2022 | #Teeth Whitening
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I was 19 years old when my family took a vacation to New York. We were on a crowded subway where everyone’s face was magnified times 10. My dad looked at me and said, “You need to get your teeth whitened.”
I was offended.
I mean, I was just a teenager. I didn’t need my teeth whitened. Whitening was reserved for those with tooth decay who rarely brushed. I brushed and flossed my teeth twice daily.
After some months of really examining my teeth, I realized that they were pretty darn yellow. Probably because I was drinking 3 cups of coffee a day, and I wasn’t gonna give that up. Luckily, I found a person who specialized in teeth whitening at Biologi Spa. Now, my teeth are the whitest they’ve ever been, and I get to keep drinking my coffee. Today, if you’re not satisfied with your teeth’s color, you can get them whitened faster than you can say “Look Dad, my teeth are so white and fancy!” No? Just me?
Before you do type in all your lovely info for a free consultation, check out this article to see if this common cosmetic procedure is right for you.
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When To Know If You Need Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become discolored for several reasons including extrinsic and intrinsic sources. Extrinsic discoloration is what happens when food, beverages, or smoking stains your pretty teeth.
Coffee, tea, red wines, food with dyes, and tobacco can stain–basically everything fun. All these stains affect your teeth’s outer casing. Whitening toothpaste can help but doesn’t have as much impact as a UV light whitening procedure.
Intrinsic discoloration starts from within and goes outward. This can be caused by medication use, childhood illness, infection, tooth trauma, or aging. For these root causes, a whitening procedure is the only way to counteract the stains.
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Pros of Teeth Whitening

Scientists have proven that 96% of people think an attractive smile makes a person even more beautiful and that 74% of adults think a yellow smile hinders employment success. While these statistics can seem superficial and troubling, the truth is that people judge you within 10 seconds of meeting, so you might as well make it easier for them to judge fairly.
If you’re in the market for some more confidence and higher self-esteem, which can impact your performance, relationships, and your self-image, then teeth whitening can help you get there. Everyone benefits.

Potential Side Effects

Look, with every plus there’s a potential minus. But in the case of tooth whitening, the minus is minimal. Here, you can watch out for some mild irritation and tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity is actually caused by ill-fitting whitening trays rather than the bleaching agent itself, so with an expert practitioner, you won’t need to worry about that. Sensitivity and irritation, if you experience any, which is rare, will disappear within 1-3 days. There is no proven fact that bleaching affects gum enamel.

How Often Do I Need To Whiten?

Whitening treatments can last up to a year. There’s no official guideline or average length of time the whitening lasts, but be sure to speak with your dentist or practitioner before repeating your whitening procedure.
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In-Office Treatment

An in-office procedure is beneficial because it’s safe and fast. The whitening effects can last longer as well. You’ll need either one or a couple of treatments to complete the process. With the concentration of the bleaching agent, it’s more powerful than any of the drugstore whitening products.
In-office treatments are recommended if you have receding gums or abfraction lesions. With the extra application of UV light, it speeds up the whitening process so you’ll be in and out of the office.

Preventative measures

Your eating, drinking, and oral hygiene habits impact your tooth’s decay and how long the results can last. Rinse your mouth after eating and drinking to keep the discoloration from settling in. This can also decrease the chance for plaque to build up in your enamel.
Use whitening toothpaste or activated charcoal to whiten teeth. Make sure the products have the American Dental Association’s seal of approval.

The Takeaway

Well, we’ve come to a close. Whether you have stained teeth, discolored teeth, or just want an extra touch-up, whitening procedures will amplify your beauty. You can smile with confidence in pictures, knowing your teeth light up your face.
If you’re feeling excited about new and improved teeth and a more attractive smile, teeth whitening is for you. Call us at Biologi Spa to receive teeth whitening in Newport Beach.
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We are here to rejuvenate your skin and body so you can feel confident, ageless, and beautiful. To learn more about teeth whitening, contact our experts at Biologi Spa today by calling (949) 942-1659 to schedule a 30-minute consultation. Our experienced medical aestheticians are happy to discuss your concerns or questions.

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