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What is IV
Hydration Therapy?

IV Hydration Therapy and vitamin injections are delivery methods for nutrients that are directly administered into the bloodstream. Sometimes your body doesn’t absorb all the nutrition it’s given from the nutrient rich foods you consume. IV therapy is a game-changer in replenishing the vitamins and minerals your body is lacking. IV Therapy helps with dehydration, energy, immunity, beauty, recovery, and more.

How does IV Hydration Therapy work?

An IV fluid drip involves a small tube called a catheter and a saline-based electrolyte solution that carries your selected vitamins and nutrients—your fix-me-up. An IV drip delivers the essential nutrients and fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract.

What IVs does
Biologi Spa Offer?

We offer hydration, energy, hangover, immunity, and detox drips.

What Fluids
and Vitamins
Are Administered?

The fluids inside an IV bag depend on the type of therapy you are receiving, whatever that
may be. This can include saline, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins.

What are The Benefits of
IV Hydration Therapy?

IV Hydration Therapy is beneficial for all kinds of things your body may need or even crave. Some of the biggest benefits are the ease, convenience, health, and wellness factors it offers. IV Hydration Therapy is convenient because it’s not a complicated procedure and you can scroll your phone while getting it done at Biologi Spa; it can take anywhere from 30-minutes to an hour. It’s used to promote health and wellness because it keeps your body hydrated to promote healthy skin, a healthy immune system, and more. What else could you ask for?

Common Uses of
IV Hydration Therapy

Generally, our clients use IV Hydration Therapy for:

  • Pain relief
  • Headache relief
  • Mood improvement
  • Insomnia relief
  • Energy boost
  • Glowing skin

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Expect from A Treatment Session?

Results achieved with IV Hydration Therapy will vary for each person and the specific drips used. Nonetheless, you will more than likely enjoy benefits shortly after a session as your body immediately absorbs the nutrients. However, a series of treatments may help you achieve and maintain optimal results.

Does IV Hydration Therapy hurt?

No! There is not pain associated with treatment. You will just feel some discomfort when the needle is injected. The needle is the same size as those used for traditional IVs or shots.

Am I a Good Candidate for IV Hydration Therapy?

Adults who live generally healthy lifestyles benefit from IV Hydration Therapy and vitamin injections. These injections should be used as a supplement to your healthy lifestyle and should not be used in replacement of nutrient-rich foods.


IV Hydration

IV Hydration Therapy is the healthy boost your body and skin can
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