What are
PDO Threads?

PDO Threads are used for smoothing and lifting your skin. There are three types of threads, smooth, twist, and barbed. These three threads are used for different purposes and procedures: collagen stimulation and lifting.

Smooth threads are used for collagen stimulation. They rejuvenate the skin by using the cells that produce collagen. They smooth lines, add volume, and improve skin texture.

Twist threads are also used for collagen stimulation. They are made up of intertwined, coiled-shaped springs. They fill and stimulate new collagen growth under the skin.

Barbed threads are used for lifting. These threads contain tiny barbs that define cheekbones and jawlines and improve sagging in the neck.

How do
PDO Threads work?

PDO therapy works by implanting polydioxanone (PDO) threads into the subcutaneous layer of the skin (the deepest layer of your skin) using small needles. These threads remain implanted in the skin causing collagen stimulation and tissue contraction. When these threads are absorbed into the body, the leave new collagen in their place.

What do PDO
Threads treat?

PDO Threads target the face and neck area. The most common treated areas are the lower face and neck region. However, PDO threading can treat any area of the face and neck including crows feet, under eye area, forehead lines, eyebrows, cheeks, neck laxity, fine lines, and overall all face and neck texture.


  • Smooth threads: monthly for 3-4 months

  • Twist threads: every 3-4 months

  • Barbed threads: every 9-12 months


  • Discontinue blood thinning products 1 week prior to treatment
  • Skin must be completely clean prior to treatment


  • Expect redness, tenderness, swelling, and bruising.
  • Apply ice if any discomfort is noted post-treatment
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks

PDO Threads are allowing people to feel confident in their skin again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a PDO thread lift procedure take?

It depends on the area being targeted, but in most cases, it can be carried out in between 45 and 60 minutes. You should expect the entire appointment to last a maximum of 2 hours.

Does a PDO thread lift hurt?

The procedure is minimally invasive, but does cause micro-injuries to layers within the skin. Because of this, patients are given a local anaesthetic before their treatment which will ensure that they remain comfortable and relaxed throughout.

How long does it take to see the effects of a PDO thread lift?

The results of a PDO thread lift vary. The effects of treatment can potentially last between 2 and 3 years, after which time further treatment may be necessary to maintain your results.PDO threads rely on the body’s natural production of collagen which takes time. PDO therapy effects reach a peak at around 6 months post-treatment.



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