What are Chemical Peels?

If you’ve ever wished you could peel the signs of aging away, a chemical peel is a great option that will diminish the signs of aging from the face, hands, neck or chest area. The treatment can also minimize the sign of scars and skin discoloration issues. Whether you choose the chemical treatment for diminishing the signs of aging or treating skin conditions, you will see stunning results revealed.

What is a chemical peel vs. a deep chemical peel?

Chemical peels, can clarify skin, balance out the skin tone, and improve its texture. Peels help clear your skin by removing the first layer of dull skin. After your chemical peel, the skin underneath is smoother and looks more youthful. A deep chemical peel targets deep wrinkles and hard-to-treat facial skin issues also produces longer-lasting results with the trade-off of a longer downtime. The result is amazing and well worth the wait.

What Do Chemical Peels and Deep Chemical Peels Treat?

Fine wrinkles
Deep wrinkles
Acne-prone skin
Acne scars
Skin texture
Aging skin
Sun spots
Rough skin
Large pores

The procedure

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Questions About Chemical Peels

Is it Safe?

Yes, medical-grade chemical peels are performed by certified professionals. We use trusted products we use, which cause little to no pain, and we provide our services in a clean atmosphere with the utmost care.

How long does it take?

A chemical peel takes about 45 minutes. You’ll leave the peel on for two to six hours after the treatment. You’ll continue to carry on with the at-home aftercare treatment for 30 days after the appointment.

How long does it last?

Light chemical peels can last 1-2 months. Treated areas take 1-2 weeks to recover. Deep chemical peels have a longer downtime and may result in redness or swelling, but the benefits last longer, and you won’t need the treatment as often.

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Chemical Peels

Remove layers of dead skin cells and stimulate skin regeneration to reveal glowing and youthful skin.


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