Votiva is a revolutionary treatment that restores the internal and external vaginal tissue. This 30-minute procedure harnesses the power of radiofrequency energy to gently heat and constrict the tissue for tightening and rejuvenation.

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How Does Votiva Work?

A Votiva treatment is comfortable and does not exceed 30 minutes. During the session, your healthcare specialist may use two different handheld devices to provide you with the best possible results. Depending on your desired outcome, both devices may be used.

Forma V

Forma V targets the internal and external tissues, by remodeling and tightening the entire area.

Fractora V

Fractoran V focuses on skin rejuvenation by using microneedling to create tiny injuries in the skin that stimulate the body’s healing response. After the healing process, the outer area develops a refreshed appearance.

Why Consider Votiva?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider Votiva:

  • 01 Reduction in wrinkles on the labia
  • 02 Improvement in skin and tissue elasticity
  • 03 Enhanced sensitivity during intercourse
  • 04 A decrease in discomfort associated with hanging labia
  • 05 Noticeable improvement in urinary accidents
  • 06 Reduction in uncomfortable vaginal dryness

Your Votiva Treatment

Patients that undergo Fractora V may have slight discomfort for a day or so, but it should not be enough to affect their daily routine. Once you’re done with the procedure, you can head back to work or other activities right away. And not to worry, you won’t be in pain.


Is Votiva Right For You?

Women who witness changes to their vaginas due to hormonal fluctuations or aging are the best candidates for Votiva treatments. Because it is nonsurgical, it’s ideal for women looking for a vaginal makeover with no downtime.

How Long Will My Results Last?

When discussing your desired results with a Biologi Spa Medical specialist, we will go over how many treatments you will likely need. Usually, anywhere from two to three treatments will be required and treatments are usually scheduled three to four weeks apart. Once you reach your desired outcome, a maintenance treatment once or twice a year will help you enjoy your beautified vagina indefinitely.



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